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Information on bulls genetic value according to Dutch NVI you can find here

CowSignals Academy The full course of Cow Signals from the Cow Signals Academy.

Academy provide video courses on 10 subjects. Each course has 30 – 40 videos with practical tips and a checklist you can use on your own farm or with clients. More than that, Academy is also a community where you can connect with colleagues and other dairy enthusiasts from all over the world. You can share questions, photos and videos to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

How can I get the most from my mixer feeder wagon?

This video tutorial explains what you need to focus on in order to get the best results from your mixer feeder wagon and how you can enjoy the mixer wagon for as long as possible. You learn what you need to keep in mind when attaching the wagon, the best loading order to use and the rotation speed you need to apply for the auger to provide the best mixing results. We also show what you can do to prevent high maintenance costs. Please watch the video!

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