All News 14.08.2018

Fertility training at Astarta farm

On August 14, in the frame of the Dutch-Ukrainian Dairy Center project, we held a fertility training on one of the Astarta`s farm.

Fertility training at Astarta farm

René Kremers (Difco) have considered and provided the answers to the three main questions of fertility:

Does the cow go in heat?

Is she visible in the heat?

Is she pregnant?

Allard Eggink (Cehave korm) spoke about the importance of feeding management in the transit period.

During the practical part on the farm Allard and Rene together with the participants went through all the technological groups of cows, checked their shape and their keeping conditions, discussed how the keeping conditions of animals can effect on production, thus consolidating the knowledge gained in practice.

At the end of the training, the speakers summed up the results and gave the floor to each of the participants. Participants shared their impressions of the activities on the farm and told what they think should be improved.

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