All News 04.02.2019

“Electronic Data Exchange” workshop at the Ukrainian state agency of animal identification and registration.

23rd January Dutch -Ukrainian Dairy Centre in cooperation with the Ukrainian animal I&R agency organized a workshop “Electronic Data Exchange”. Beside the DUDC and I&R agency, the workshop gathered together Holstein Association, Safoso, Lads Lviv, Uniform-Agri and representatives of Universities.

“Electronic Data Exchange” workshop at the Ukrainian state agency of animal identification and registration.

Mr. Wim Wismans started the workshop with his presentation, which gave broad background information about data-exchange in The Netherlands and Internationally. Important for implementation of EDE is to work with an internationally accepted method of ICAR ( and to include all important actors in the agriculture sector (Farmers, Dairy Plants, Feed companies, Breed Associations, Bookkeeping firms etc. including Ministry of Agriculture.

Thereafter, presented Harm-Jan, director of Uniform-Agri, his presentation. Uniform-Agri is active in 23 countries worldwide and is started in 1989 by the Dutch cattle breeder’s organization NRS, today CRV. He explains how EDE operates, what is possible and what is needed. Very important is that a message is approved from both sides before data are excepted by receiving organization/company and the method is used by everybody who exchanges data in the Agricultural sector.

Leading IT Analyst at the "Animal Identification and Registration Agency" Sergey Bril informs the participants about a new activity of reporting to make road open to start with EDE. The proposal includes the use of documents. It became clear that this has to be implemented soon and can be stepped to EDE. Using EDE no paperwork is needed.

Thereafter, starts an intensive discussion. The proposal to start as soon as possible with EDE is emphasized by all. During the discussion, there was doubt if today legislation blocks quick implementation of EDE. Thereafter became clear that today legislation is in favor for EDE. Agreed was to start as soon as possible a pilot to get experiences with EDE.

The I&R agency and DUDC have some days later the workshop evaluated. Both are very happy with the result and agreed is to prepare in short time a proposal to get practical experience at the farm level, veterinary inspection and I&R Agency. Of course, this will be tested without any paperwork in relation to EDE, but the normal practice of I&R will be followed as long as needed. This with the expectation this only during a short time during the pilot.

In this way, a follow-up of the workshop is decided with the expectation that the pilot can start in April next. After piloting all stakeholders in the cattle sector will be informed by I&R Agency about this initiative and the road of implementation with needed technical details.

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