All News 22.05.2018

DUDC participated at “Milk Forum” in Lvov

23-24 May the “Lviv agrarian advisory service” hold the “Milk Forum” in a cooperation with Canadian Government. Forum gathered together heads and representatives of cooperatives of western Ukraine, as well as owners of family farms.

DUDC participated at “Milk Forum” in Lvov

23rd May were focused on panel discussions where participants exchanged their knowledge and experience in creation of family farms, dairy cooperatives, discussed the impact of dairy products on children and how to develop the dairy farming using the state support. Seminars on prevention and treatment of mastitis, feeding and growing calf were done as well.

Wim Wismans (DUDC) did a presentation for the participants about Herd book and what is important in breeding, shared the Dutch experience but also pointed what can be the next steps to establish Ukrainian Herd book. In his speech Wim has pointed the importance to have one national breed association and have a clear message to parliament and government. Thus, important to cooperate well with all partners, to have umbrella association.

The next day in the framework of the first Milk Forum 2018, an official ceremony for the reconstruction of the cornerstone of the future cooperative dairy factory took place. The Cooperative Dairy Processing Plant in Lviv region is funded by the Canadian government within the framework of the project "Development of Dairy Business".

The project "Development of dairy business in Ukraine" is being implemented in four regions: Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson regions and is funded by the government of Canada. The project is aimed at solving the problems faced by small and medium-sized milk producers by creating new and strengthening of existing cooperatives.

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