All News 31.10.2018

DUDC at "Agroexpert" seminar “Effective reproduction of the herd”

October 31, 2018 The Dutch Ukrainian Dairy Center took part in a seminar organized by the magazine “Agroexpert” within the frame of the international exhibition “Interagro”.

DUDC at "Agroexpert" seminar “Effective reproduction of the herd”

The topic of the seminar was “Effective reproduction of the herd”, and therefore we decided to make a presentation about “Fertility Signals”. Mr. Kremers - Certified Cow Signal trainer told participants why 2/3 of reproduction success is the result of proper care for a cow during the transit period - feeding, maintenance, access to clean fresh water, access to fresh air, and 1/3 of success lies in timely identifying cows in the heat and their timely insemination. Mr Kremers also spoke about Cow Signals – “Cuddle Box” know-how. This is a simple and effective solution that, without causing stress to the cow, stimulates her to lick the newborn calf, start consuming feed as soon as possible, and the farmer will quickly and safely milk the colostrum and feed his calf.

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