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Dutch Ukrainian Dairy Centre (DUDC) is a three years project of the Dutch Government aimed at helping Ukrainian dairy industry to increase the quality and quantity of milk produced as well as finalize institutional reform.

It has been launched on April 1, 2016. The project has Central Coordination Unit in Kyiv, Dutch Consortia of 4 main executional organizations, nearly 20 Dutch partner companies and 3 Clusters in Ukraine with local partners – in Lviv, Sumy, and Bila Tserkva/Uman.

From the Dutch side, the DUDC is managed by Mr Wim Wismans and Mr Rene Kremers, who have decades of substantial relevant experience in dairy industry.

Coordination in Ukraine is being done by Victoria Kokorina

Initiated and supported by the Dutch government, Dutch Ukrainian Dairy Centre project focuses on two major milestones: Practical training and Institutional Development in Ukrainian Dairy Industry.

Main goal – Ukraine, as a successful dairy exporter. Project will contribute to this by improving quality of practices in the chain and promoting transparent & efficient diseases monitoring, individual milk control, cooperation between players of the industry, etc.

For the implementation of project activities (especially the practical training part), three clusters have been organized. The consortia is going to involve local partner farms, universities, associations, governmental bodies, milk processors and other partners to assure more milk of better quality is produced in Ukraine. Three Ukrainian clusters of DUDC include:

Lviv Cluster

Focuses on economic and managerial issues on dairy farms. Includes local Lviv Agricultural Extension Service with milk quality laboratory, relatively small demo dairy farm, etc. Functions in close cooperation with Department of Agriculture of Lviv Regional State Administration.

Bila Tserkva/Uman Cluster

Focuses on feed efficiency, fertility and breeding. Includes Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (BNAU), Association of Milk Producers (AMP), middle-sized demo dairy farm, BNAU demo dairy farm, Milk Alliance company, etc.

Sumy Cluster

Focuses on milk quality and udder health. Includes Sumy National Agrarian University, Milkiland company, large demo dairy farm, etc.

The DUDC project is being executed by the consortia of four Dutch companies:

1) Vetvice/Cow Signals Training Company
CowSignals teaches people in a very practical way, the needs and the body language of cows and young stock, in order to optimise the housing, husbandry, health and production of these animals. Happy cows, happy farmers, happy planet. CowSignals is based on best management practices in 66 countries. Up to two more lactations and 32 % methane reduction are possible when using CowSignals’ and YoungStock Signals’ practical knowledge on your farm.

Vetvice delivers consultancies and trains dairy farmers and their support network in dairy barn design, dairy barn management, animal husbandry, nutrition and management. Happy farmers, happy cows, happy planet.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Victoria Kokorina

DUDC project coordinator

Tel.: +380503161600

Email: vkokorina.vk@ukr.net


2) GD Animal Health

Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large. For nearly one hundred years, that has been the mission for which we stand at GD Animal Health. We support farm managers and their veterinarians, industrial customers and governments with laboratory diagnostic services, animal health programmes, contract research, research and development, training at our GD Academy and consultancy. Based in Deventer, The Netherlands, GD Animal Health exploits one of largest and most state-of-the-art veterinary laboratories in the world.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Tetyana Kopniak

Project coordinator

GD Animal Health

Tel.: +380672309763

Email: tkopnyak@ukr.net


3) HAS University of Applied Sciences
HAS University of Applied Sciences is the leading higher education and expertise centre in the south of the Netherlands in the field of agribusiness, food and environment.

HAS provides:

  • Students with specialist and comprehensive courses
  • The sectors we serve with the skilled higher education professionals they need
  • Business with applied research and consultancy
  • Business professionals with practical training and courses

Contacts in Ukraine:

Victoria Kokorina

DUDC project coordinator

Tel.: +380503161600

Email: vkokorina.vk@ukr.net


4) Difco International

Difco International BV is a consultancy company specialised in international dairy farming and processing. Difco International BV originates from Van der Ploeg International BV, active in the field of cattle, farm equipment and dairy processing equipment export. Since Van der Ploeg International BV started activities in turn-key dairy projects, Agri Projects was founded and started to expand. To improve the quality of this department and to be able to specialise more into the field of consultancy, technical assistance and management, Difco International BV was founded in May 1998. Difco has more than 15 years of experience in Ukraine. The last few years mainly as the main contractor of PLUS for Progress, a consortium of more than 20 Dutch Companies active in the field of precision and smart farming. Since 2015 Difco is the representative of CRV in Ukraine.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Victoria Kokorina

CEO Difco Ukraine

Tel.: +380503161600

Email: vkokorina.vk@ukr.net


DUDC has got nearly 20 Dutch companies, which support project activities. You can find more information about them below.

The Royal Barenbrug Group is a global pioneer in grass, specialising in plant breeding, the production of grass seed and the international marketing and sale of innovative varieties and grass concepts. With a workforce of 715 and 29 branches in nineteen countries on six continents, Barenbrug has been a pioneering grass-seed company active all over the world for more than 110 years.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Yaroslav Pankiv

Email: yar.pankiv@gmail.com

Tel: +38 0671821788


UNIFORM-Agri is an international company that develops, sells and supports management software for dairy farmers all over the world. We are specialists in recording and managing dairy farm data and have developed close working relationships with the leading milking parlour manufacturers, milk recording companies and other industry partners worldwide.

Our International Helpdesk based in Assen in the Netherlands will work with you to setup, install and support your management software, providing friendly telephone advice and online PC-to-PC support.  We can communicate with customers in twelve different languages and our software is now available in over thirty three different languages.

Contacts in Ukraine


Email: helpdesk@uniform-agri.com.ua

Tel. number: +380968697410


Van der Ploeg International
Van der Ploeg International BV is one of the leading European companies in setting up complete dairy and poultry farms, specially designed for the local climate conditions.

Our expertise covers the whole field of dairy and poultry farming. Starting with the delivery of high-yielding pedigree cattle as well as parent stock for chicken, we extend our services to the delivery of stable equipment,  ventilation equipment, slaughterhouses, feed mills and above all specialized management and on-the-job training to bring your management and staff up to date in modern dairy and poultry techniques. 

Contacts in Ukraine

"Difco Ukraine"


Sergii Panchenko - sales manager

Тел.: +38 098 270 21 40; +38 063 443 07 96


Trioliet offers a highly comprehensive range of livestock feeding machines, from mixer feeder wagons, silage cutters, self-loading or self-propelled mixer feeders to complete automatic feeding systems.

Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding machines for dairy and beef farms. All our machines are geared toward helping the modern livestock farmer manage a farm efficiently.

Our family-owned company, with about 230 employees, has more than sixty years of experience in the field of feeding technology. Innovation is the major spearhead of our business and it is not without good reason that, today, over 80% of our machines are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Contacts in Ukraine

Local support

Elena Zimenok - area manager

Email: e.zimenok@trioliet.com

Tel.: +38 050 31 34 506




Basanec Arina Victorovna - sales manager

Tel: +380504654629   

Gorin Oleg Vasilievych - director

Tel.: +380504653126   

Email: agroinmach@ukr.net


Cow manager

CowManager provides most accurate and real-time information on three areas: fertility, health and nutrition. These measures are based on ear-temperature, activity, rumination, eating and resting time. It is an essential system in professional farm management making farmers’ lives easier by finding cows in heat and catching sick cows earlier. All resulting in increased pregnancy rates, healthier cows, improved production, lower mortality rates, reduced veterinarian costs and labor and decrease in use of synchronization programs and antibiotics.

Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely on CowManager’s easy-to-install, user-friendly ear sensor system for an accurate understanding of their cows’ fertility, health and nutrition status.

Contacts in Ukraine

"Difco Ukraine"


Sergii Panchenko - sales manager

Тел.: +38 098 270 21 40; +38 063 443 07 96

Email: serg.panchenko@ukr.net


Both cattle farmer and animal are central to us. Our solutions and services for the stable maintain a natural environment for the animal and improve the cattle farmer’s efficiency.

JOZ develops and supplies hi-quality technological products for every stable. With our mobile stable robots and mechanical products we want to belong to the Top 3 of the leading market suppliers. We know the stable perfectly. We are constantly innovating. Our smart solutions can be applied worldwide and because they are capable of communicating with everything and everyone. the care is taken over from the user.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Yaroslav Pankiv

Email: yar.pankiv@gmail.com

Tel: +38 0671821788


Peek & van der Kroon
M84U software is a computerized individual mating service to dairy farmers. It was created by Huub Peek and Frans van der kroon, who formed Peek & van der Kroon in 2002. It was based on many years of experience in the breeding industry and research results related to high lifetime production.  Peek & van der Kroon is an completely independent breeding consultancy from the Netherlands, who offers support in bull selection and individual mating service, without any financial relation to bull semen sales.  Today they are operating with three independant breeding consultants within the Netherlands, and is the Mating software availeble for consultants/companies all over the world who want to provide their customers with knowledgeable and objective mating service.

Contacts in Ukraine:

Reproduction, health and breeding center


Natalia Zurilina

Tel.: +380953682271

Email: n.zurilina@czrs.com.ua


Royal CRV

Royal CRV is a cooperative of around 27,000 farmers in The Netherlands and Belgium.

CRV is playing a significant role in the international world of cattle improvement and ranks in the top 3 cattle organizations in the world.

CRV offers semen of the best bulls, but also services and total solution packages as an answer to the needs of our customers – both dairy and beef farmers across the world.

Holstein-Friesian from The Netherlands and the USA, Jersey, Fleckvieh and grazing genetics from New Zealand are just a few of the breeds that are in CRV’s wide portfolio.

The focus in CRV’s breeding program is on improving health and efficiency, to create easy to manage, long-lasting cows that realize a high lifetime production.

CRV’s head office is located in Arnhem and supports the different business units and local branches.

Products and services are delivered to approximately 65 countries.

Contacts in Ukraine

"Difco Ukraine"


Sergii Panchenko - sales manager

Тел.: +38 098 270 21 40; +38 063 443 07 96

Email: serg.panchenko@ukr.net


Nuscience CHV Korm

Excellent animal production together with profitable farming is the number one goal of Nuscience CHV Korm.

By providing our partners the highest quality of feed and professional support they are able to produce milk and meat to the needs of the consumer.

Milk production starts with a well-balanced ration for the cows. In order to achieve this, Nuscience CHV Korm analysis the roughage quality in its own laboratory. This is done in cooperation with BLGG (Eurofins). With this results the rations is balanced with available raw materials to guarantee an optimal production. Premixes will provide the cow with maximum health and fertility support.



Lely, founded in 1948, directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming for its customers.

Lely is the only company worldwide to supply the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from forage harvesting to automated feeding systems, barn cleaners and milking robots. Lely is also working on business concepts to ensure energy-neutral operations in the dairy sector. Since many years Lely is the undisputed market leader in the sales and service of automated milking systems. The company has a strong position in forage harvesting products and with almost 70 years unrivalled acquired knowledge in the agricultural cycle Lely has an unrivaled position in agriculture.

Lely is active in more than 70 countries and employs some 2,000 people. The annual turnover is around 600 million euro. The investment in R&D is 6% of Lely product sales.


MS Schippers

For 50 years we have had a huge "Passion for Farming". Through innovation and determination MS Schippers has become a major player in the market. We serve the farmers with our wealth of knowledge and experience. We continuously develop products and services that improve the daily work of the farmer. The result is that Schippers is increasingly positioning itself, with 350 employees, in an international market. We are a real family business in which we work together towards the success of the company. We are more ambitious than ever and will make every effort to improve our service to our farmers.

Our products range varies from bowls, ear tags and brushes to housing and stalling equipment – everything the farmer needs to make his animals happy in the most efficient way.

Contacts in Ukraine

"Difco Ukraine"


Sergii Panchenko - sales manager

Тел.: +38 098 270 21 40; +38 063 443 07 96



Cowhouse International was founded in 2000. The products aim to optimize the health and living conditions of cows, which greatly improves milk production on a natural basis.

Contacts in Ukraine

"Difco Ukraine"


Sergii Panchenko - sales manager

Тел.: +38 098 270 21 40; +38 063 443 07 96


DUDC has got over 10 Ukrainian companies and organizations, which support and co-execute project activities. You can find more information about them below.


Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) is a business association which represents interests of leading companies of the Ukrainian agro-food sector. The aim of our work is to promote efficient agribusiness in Ukraine and refers to all of its processes, from recruitment and search of investment opportunities, up to practical tasks such as the increase of agricultural companies’ efficiency, and the development of proposals on improvement of agricultural policy in Ukraine. In 2015, UCAB kept hold of the status Association No.1 in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, consolidating more than 80important representatives of the industry.



Association of Milk Producers (AMP) is the most influential association of dairy farms in Ukraine. It unites over 120 largest dairy farms of the country. More information available on the website below.


The Lviv Agricultural Extension Service (LAES) was created in 1998 under a technical cooperation program. It is a non-profit organization, based in Lviv. LAES has defined its mission as providing support to agricultural producers to develop profitable farming in order to improve the standard of living in rural communities. LAES has got a milk quality laboratory with Bentley branded equipment and it’s one of the DUDC partners in execution of individual milk control.


Center of Veterinary Diagnostics

Center of Veterinary Diagnostics provides a wide range of services for diagnostics of animal and poultry diseases, as well as for the analysis of feed and water quality. Certificate for quality management system ISO/IEC 17025. For over 16 years, the Center for Veterinary Diagnostics carries out a full range of diagnostic tests and studies required for successful operation of veterinarian. In 2017 CVD have done more than 100 000 tests, increasing this number annually since then.


Milk Alliance
Milk Alliance is a group of companies which includes high-capacity enterprises designed for producing and marketing milk products. It is the leading enterprise in the milk industry of Ukraine. The products are manufactured under the brands Pyriatyn, Slavia, Yagotynske, Yagotynske for children, Zdorovo!, Zlatokrai and Milk Alliance. The company’s product portfolio is balanced in such a way as to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in various product categories of the milk market and the cheese market. In 2016, Milk Alliance has successfully started export of dairy products to the EU and China.


Danone Ukraine
Danone was one of the first multinational companies to start large-scale production and distribution of natural, healthy yogurt in independent Ukraine. From the beginning, the Company has been associated with health and innovation, care for our consumers, and the highest quality control standards.  At this moment, company runs two factories, which produce mainly whole milk products for internal market.



Milkiland is an international diversified dairy producer with the core operations in the CIS and EU. Milkiland Group is controlled by Kazakh, Polish and other EU, US and also Ukrainian investors through the Dutch public holding company Milkiland N.V.,   which shares are listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange since December 2010. The Group’s production assets are located in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The total annual milk processing capacity of the Group exceeds 1 million tons. Milkiland’s dry dairy products are exported to over 30 countries.



The Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (BNAU) is a powerful regional research and education centre with the history dating back to 1630. 10 faculties of the University offer education in agronomy, veterinary medicine, bio-technology, ecology, law, linguistics, post diploma training, preparatory courses and extension courses. The University hosts 5 research institutes, 13 research laboratories, Institute of post diploma education for managers and specialists in veterinary medicine, Institute of European Integration, Education and Research Institute of Economics and Business, 8 colleges, research establishments and production enterprises. The total number of students is more than 10000.



Sumy National Agrarian University (SNAU) is a higher educational establishment with level - IV of accreditation; it is one of the best agrarian universities of Ukraine. Nowadays large agricultural companies and processing enterprises of Ukraine need highly-qualified specialists, capable to work on the new technologies. Students of Sumy National Agrarian University get theoretical knowledge and use it in practice in leading agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and foreign countries with which University cooperates. Our students have the unique opportunity to go abroad and to work in the agricultural farms in England, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, Australia, the Netherlands; it greatly increases their professional level and helps them to employ in leading agricultural and processing enterprises of Ukraine. There are about 11,000 students at the university.


Practical training involves training the trainers approach as well as participation of students, lecturers of specialised universities and business employees. For the training purposes, three clusters (in Lviv, Bila Tserkva/Uman and in Sumy) are set up to cover the whole range of aspects in dairy farming. The consortium is going to involve local partner farms, universities, associations, governmental bodies, milk processors and other partners to assure more milk of better quality is produced in Ukraine. 

Institutionally, the project focusses on Food Safety, Animal Health and Animal Breeding. Many issues hamper Ukrainian dairy export possibilities and have to be tackled in a systematic way with involvement of the complete dairy chain. As example, the control of leptospirosis will be used as a good model to monitor and control cattle diseases. The aim of the consortium is to show how the model could work and create the system of interrelationships between market players. 

The success of the Dutch dairy industry is based on the cooperation of all parties involved including competitors working together and solving issues jointly. However, there is significant fragmentation in the Ukrainian dairy sector. Therefore, development takes time. One of our goals will be to design a model of successful interaction and support and initiate the necessary institutional development. 

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